GEMS 7.71

Using GEMS, you can efficiently and accurately simulate antennas
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Using GEMS, you can efficiently and accurately simulate antennas, antenna arrays, microwave circuits, packaging, RCS, bio-electromagnetic problems, and other EM problems. The friendly user interface of GEMS allows you to easily create a complex model or import CAD files to GEMS interface. GEMS can use all the resource in your PC to efficiently simulate the EM problems.


-GEMS is accurate, fast, reliable using the least computer resource
-Compatible to other serial or parallel EM simulation software
-GEMS allows you to import the 2-D and 3-D models that are generated in other EM software packages or 3-D modeling software packages.
-GEMS can export the 2-D and 3-D models into SAT file format and then import the SAT model into other EM simulation software packages.
-Using advanced memory allocation, GEMS is fast and requires much less memory than other EM software.
-GEMS can be installed on your desktop, laptop, workstation, cluster or supercomputer.
-Unique surface current solver

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